Oaks Prague Golf View Apartments

Oaks Prague is a high-end luxury residential complex by Arendon Development organizing an immense collabration of renowned architects worldwide. Located within 30mins driving distance to the capital city Prague of Czech Republic, it envisions a style of living in natural landscape with urban convenience. Golf View Apartments project is situated on the frontier of the development's central axis, taking on the crucial role to connect with the adjoining golf course and natural forest. With "Cluster" as the design concept, the carefully arranged six small buildings create a gateway that draws a breeze of nature into the village, while minimizes the visual impact of the structure with sensitive scale and local materials.

I played a leading design role in the project for four years from Concept Design to Construction Administration, collaborating with engineers and contractors to optimize initial design intents in every detail. The project as a whole is composed of many complex issues. I was challenged to always understand implications in totality while analyze and evaluate design options locally. My scope in this project includes design studies through all phases, 3D modeling and visualizaiton, building exterior facade design and engineering, landscape and lighting design coordination, and construction reviews.

Design Rendering

Oaks Prague Design Rendering

Concept Development

Oaks Prague Design Rendering

Design Options and Evaluation

Oaks Prague Design Process

Design Solutions

Oaks Prague Design Solution

Construction Design and Engineering

Oaks Prague Construction Oaks Prague Construction Oaks Prague Construction

Yuanyang Teng in collaboration with Meier Partners - Richard Meier, Vivian Lee, Simone Ferracina